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Credit Card Relief Program & Debt Relief – Debt Validation

Plan B Debt Services is Certified and Accredited by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators. Their Nationwide Credit Card Relief Programs & Debt Relief Options are Proven to Work! Improve Your Life by Improving Your Finances. Give us a call to talk about your debt at 1800 235 3167


Validation gives you what you want:

Can be the least expensive debt relief option and gives you a single affordable payment.

Credit Restoration is included to remove inaccurate items on your credit reports.

Comes with a written “Money Back Guarantee.

You get to defend yourself from illegal debt collection under the Fair Debt Collection ->Practices Act, the Credit Card Act, and the Fair Credit Billing Act.

Your alleged debt collectors will be forced to validate their right to collect on your alleged debts. If they can’t validate a debt, you don’t have to pay it

Graduate the program in 24 months or less (the average).

You will get a nationally recognized debt relief support team who’s there to assist, update and answer your questions on a daily basis by phone or email.

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