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Debt Settlement Vs Consolidation

Let’s first talk about personality. Your personality type should be a factor that you consider when trying to decide on Debt Settlement Services or Consolidation!

What type of personality traits do you have?

This is an important question to ask yourself before you decide on either program.

It takes discipline to finish on a settlement service.

Are you determined, disciplined and motivated? If not, then a debt settlement service may not be the right option for you.

Are you more conservative? If so, then consolidation may be the best route for you. With consolidation you will have one monthly payment that will not likely change much for the entire program. You will be out of debt in around four years. You will stay current on your accounts and should not have much stress while on the program, assuming you can afford the payments.

Once approved for a settlement program, it is high paced. Our negotiators will aggressively work to settle one creditor after the other. Often by six months into the program, we will have at least one of your creditors settled and paid. Some people may find this type of action exciting and motivating, while others may find it stressful.

If you are a driven individual, then you will most likely feel enthusiastic about having your first creditor settled so quickly that you will desire to achieve more similar results. The good news is that you can accelerate the program if you have the capability to pay additional and graduate faster on a settlement program.

With debt settlement services you have more flexibility, than with consolidation. Many consumers will sign up on a three year plan and actually graduate in two years or less.

Settlement programs require more involvement than consolidation programs. As a valued Plan B Debt Services customer you are always in the driver’s seat. You alone have signature authority to approve settlement offers from creditors before we can settle any of your accounts.

Therefore, when our legal assistants call our clients, they need to be available and willing to speak regarding their program. With consolidation, there is less participation required for the client.

Ultimately, it is important to find out which program will save you the most money, but you cannot make your entire decision based on money. You will hardly save any money on a program that you cannot finish. Set yourself up for success!

At Plan B Debt Services, during our initial and free consultation with you, we will help you with making an informed decision.

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Debt Settlement Program vs. Consolidation
With Consolidation

– Takes 3-5 years on average to graduate.

– Interest rate is negotiated down.

– Pay back the full amount owed and interest.

– Less of an initial hit on a person’s credit.


– Takes around 3 years to graduate on average.

– Negotiations are based on the total balance owed.

– Pay back less than the total balance owed.

– Some people prefer consolidation over settlement, because they believe it to be less risky.

Here you can learn more about rebuilding your credit score after graduating on the program.


Example of a Debt Settlement Program vs. Consolidation

On average when a consumer has $30,000.00 in bills, on a settlement program a $560 payment could have them debt free in around three years and sometimes less.
On average when a consumer has $30,000.00 in bills, on a consolidation or consumer credit counseling program, a $750 payment could have them debt free in around four years and four months. Try this debt relief calculator to see the numbers on your own.
If you really have a hardship then debt negotiation with a Top Company is the most effective and ethical way to pay off your bills.
With the right team and preparation, execution will be made easy!

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Important Disclosures:

– With debt settlement services a person’s creditors are not paid on a monthly basis. Creditors are paid in lump sum payments when enough money accumulates in their trust account and only after clients approve of settlements. A settlement program will lower a person’s credit score while they are on the program. Credit can be rebuilt after graduating on this type of program. A person’s creditors will end up being paid less than the total amount owed upon graduation, in most cases. Fees are included on a settlement program.

– With consolidation services a person will pay back everything they owe, plus interest and fees. Their creditors are paid every month. It is reported to the credit reporting agencies that a person joined on this type of debt relief program. This type of third party notation can be looked down upon by creditors or lenders. Consumers will have all of this information disclosed to them prior to signing up on either program verbally and in writing.

– Information submitted on this website will be kept 100% confidential and will never be sold to a third party.

– Consultations are absolutely free. If qualified, the Plan B Debt Services Enrollment Specialists can assist consumers with signing up on the debt settlement or debt consolidation program.