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Do you have more than $10,000 in unsecured debt?
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Have Only 1 Comfortable Monthly Payment

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We are a BBB “A+” Rated Company that has been in business for nearly a decade! You will not be obligated to anything. We will be in touch with you within 24 hours after filling out our contact form.

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My name is Roger Jameson and I enrolled onto the Plan B Debt Services plan close to 2 years ago. When I enrolled onto the program I had 8 credit cards that added up to $52,800.00 and some change. About 7 months into the program we paid off my first account with Bank of America which was my largest account. I owed around $19,000 on that card. It was settled and paid off on the program at only $5,700. I keep my creditor receipt on my refrigerator and look at it every day, happy to see it finally paid off. I had over a 25% interest rate on this account and it caused me so much stress. From that point on it was fast rolling. Last month we settled and paid off my last creditor with Citibank and I am now officially credit card debt free! It wasn’t easy, but with the help of GFS I did it! I will be honest, when I first found Plan B Debt Services, I was very nervous. I checked out several company’s that offered debt consolidation for bad credit, and all of them had complaints with the BBB, but Golden Financial had no complaints, and that’s why I went with these guys. Well thanks to the BBB, I made the right decision. Thank you so much GFS, Jennifer and Melissa. I hope others can experience the great success that I had.”

Roger Jameson
Boynton Beach, Florida

If you would like to understand how a debt relief company earns a high rating with the BBB, then we recommend that you read this page.

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Visit Here to learn about all of the debt relief programs that are currently available for consumers in the United States. If you prefer to listen to a “video” and learn, then visit the video presentation page.


If you are current on your monthly payments, then we recommend that you try this calculator tool. This tool will show you how long it will take for you to pay off all of your accounts on your own.

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* On this type of debt relief program if you make all your monthly program payments you could become debt free in 24-36 months on average and paying back only around 60% of your total debt, including fees. To complete the program clients must save sufficient funds based on the payments that we set up for you.

* Not all states are eligible and not all applicants will qualify. We do not assume your debts; this is not bankruptcy, consumer credit counseling or credit repair services.

* If you contact us for advice over the phone there will be no charge. We offer these free consultations to consumers in order to educate consumers with accurate information regarding credit card relief in the United States.

* On this website we correct spelling and grammar on testimonials so that other people can read and understand them.

* Consumers will never have to pay any up front or out of pocket fees when signing up on our program. Plan B Debt Services is an FTC compliant debt settlement company, and only works with FTC compliant partner debt settlement companies. You can verify Plan B Debt Services is FTC compliant and has an A+ BBB rating, by visiting the Better Business Bureau and seeing the Plan B Debt Services BBB profile here.

* We set all of our clients up with a highly rated attorney in their state for legal protection while enrolled on the Debt Settlement Program.

Plan B Debt Services was just voted #1 by Financial Product Reviews, on their list illustrating the Best National Debt Relief Companies in America for 2014. Every year Financial Product Reviews does a review on national debt relief companies, and this list is based on factors including BBB ratings, complaints, time in business and testimonials

Plan B Debt Services will provide you with a no obligation and no cost consultation, where you can learn about all of your credit card debt relief and national credit card hardship program options, that are available in your state. Options include bad credit debt consolidation, debt settlement services, debt consolidation loans, consumer credit counseling and debt validation. Start on your journey towards debt freedom now!

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