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Debt Settlement Services

Debt settlement synonyms: debt negotiation, credit settlement, and debt arbitration – is a mutually beneficial agreement between the debtor and creditor to resolve the balance on debt, at a reduced amount. A debt settlement agreement may be necessary to settle a debt – if the borrower is experiencing a financial hardship that would prevent them from making the minimum monthly payments or paying the full amount.

What is a debt settlement program?

A debt settlement program — is a program designed to assist people who are experiencing a financial hardship who either;

1. fell behind on their monthly payments, and their creditors are not willing to work with them direct to reduce the payment

2. cannot afford to pay at least the minimum payment on their credit card payments

3. need to resolve third-party debt collection accounts

At Plan B Debt Services; our debt settlement program uses — highly trained debt negotiators, experience, and negotiating tools — to negotiate with our client’s creditors to reduce the total balances owed on each of their debts. Client’s pay back only a fraction of the balance owed in many cases.

Once the debt collection company or credit card company agrees to reduce your debt — before any money gets paid –, everything gets finalized in writing with a debt settlement program. It is imperative to get what’s called a “debt settlement resolution letter” (as seen in the example letter below) —to guarantee the debt will be 100% resolved and “settled in full”.

Let our professionals give you a

free debt settlement service quote – just Call :1800 235 3167 now. If a debt settlement service isn’t right for your situation – our specialists can advise you on what your best debt relief option would be.

A Real Client – Debt Settlement Case Example:

Original Creditor: Citibank Credit Card – Balance of $4,216.14

Settlement Amount – $1,475.65 Client Saved: $2,740.49

What a debt settlement service could provide you:

– One Flexible & Affordable Monthly Payment

– Debt Free Within 24-42 Months on Average

– Pay Back Less Than the Full Balance Owed on Each Account

The Plan B Debt Services Debt Relief Options Have Been Assisting Consumers in the United States Since 2004. Debt settlement services are what we’ve specialized in for over 13-years now. As of 2016 – Additionally, we have new programs available that may be a better fit for your situation.

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How Does a Debt Settlement Program Work?

You will get setup with a single and affordable monthly payment – whether you have one or five unsecured debts that need to be settled. Even though your creditors are not paid each month – your single monthly payment plan will account for all of your debts. Each month as you make the payment the funds will be accumulating in your FDIC Insured Trust Account. When enough funds accumulate – negotiations begin.

One by one your debts will be negotiated down and settled (paid off). Before the creditor is paid – you must approve the settlement or reject it. You have full control of your program. Typically – settlements are only a fraction of the total balance owed, but results do vary. During your consultation, we will provide you an estimated monthly payment and savings quote.

To Qualify:

1. If you can only afford minimum payments or less

2. You must have over $2,500 in total unsecured debt

3. Not all states qualify

4. There are account restrictions

Take a look at this Debt Settlement Image – it tells a story – explaining how debt settlement works in a cartoon-like manner

What do the best debt settlement companies have in common?
Provide clients with financial education while on the program. (Click Here to Learn how this Program Affects your Credit)
Have been in business for over a decade.
Have zero Better Business Bureau complaints and positive reviews.
Have the highest rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR “A+.”
Get paid only when settlements are obtained, or for law firms those that include an assurance of performance (similar to a guarantee)
What can I expect during my debt settlement free consultation?
During your free consultation – we can answer your questions that you may have, provide you an estimated savings analysis and details regarding a plan to get you out of debt.
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