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Debt Consolidation Loans

A debt consolidation loan is a viable option for a consumer who has a low debt to income ratio, high credit score, and sufficient income.
If the bank is willing to give you a loan with a low-interest rate – in this case, debt consolidation is an excellent option.
If you can replace bad debt with good debt – go for it! Debt consolidation loans can pay off everything from your car payment to credit card debt.
Unfortunately; most of the alternative lenders (outside of bank loans) – charge high fees and interest rates. A debt consolidation loan should be used to save money, not rack on more debt and costs.

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What about a home equity line of credit over a debt consolidation loan?

If you own a home and have sufficient equity in it, getting a home equity line of credit will be a better option in many cases, over getting your typical “bank loan”. It is common; to get a home equity line of credit where your interest rate could be below 6%. Having good credit and owning a home, is required to get a home equity line of credit.

If you cannot get a low-interest bank loan or home equity loan, what other debt consolidation options do you have?

If your goal is to become debt-free; consumer credit counseling, debt validation or debt settlement may be a better option for you, over debt consolidation.

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Debt Consolidation for Credit Cards

If you have too many credit card payments, debt consolidation COULD MAKE IT EASIER to pay your bills each month. You will have only one monthly payment to manage. If you are behind on your credit card payments, a debt consolidation loan WILL NOT BE A VIABLE option. Learn about hardship credit card relief programs by visiting this page next –ideal for someone that is behind on their payments.

Debt Consolidation Loans to Improve Credit Scores

Once you get a debt consolidation loan and pay off all of your credit card balances, don’t close the cards out. By closing your credit card accounts – this action hurts your credit score. Pay the debts off and keep your cards open. Use them once per month – just make sure to pay the entire balance off when the bill arrives. By doing this, you will stay out of debt and increase your credit score.

Here at Plan B Debt Services, we specialize in debt relief. Our debt relief programs work!

Learn about all of the credit card relief programs currently available in the United States – BEFORE applying for a credit card consolidation loan.